What We Do

Creating happiness


The Simple Things


A Little Heart


The Extra Mile


Sometimes the most important things aren’t very big at all

Have someone in mind that needs cheering up? Get in touch with us and our artists will get to work! Be sure to tell us about the details of your request as to ensure a quick turnover.


Muffin-powered mail service

Want something a little more physical and personal? We will mail your personalised art to your desired recipient’s doorstep as a surprise, complete with an uplifting message for them!


Yes, yes we do!

As suggested by our research into cuddling technology, a plushie has the highest rate of providing comfort to someone feeling down. The exact rate is about 42%.
For the time being, we are outsourcing this job to dedicated plushie makers to make these, but in the future, we will learn to do this in-house!

Your Questions, Our Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we do art for free?

It depends! Usually we make art for someone on our own accord, but if you ask nicely enough we might consider your request!

How long does an average drawing take?

Depending on how busy our artists are, it could take anywhere between 3 days to 2 weeks. If you would like to specify an artist to draw your artwork, please indicate the artist in your request.

What do we use to do art?

Adobe Photoshop, PaintTool SAI, you name it! It varies with each artist since they all have their preferences. We encourage you to try those software out for yourselves in your quest to become an artist!